Those Parting Tears

But, back to Graziella. . . We lived in each other’s pockets during the show—we worked together, ate meals together, talked about everything. Although she jokingly referred to me as her mini-president, since I presided over a small company, the word “Mini-President” from her lips was like a caress.

Friday was the last day of the show and as usual we had lunch together. As we were finishing, I remember her saying, “Tomorrow, I will be taking the train to my family’s chalet in Switzerland.” Suddenly I realized my beautiful week with her was all over. It had never happened to me before but suddenly I cried—real big tears. I couldn’t hide them. I think she was a little surprised, but she knew instinctively why and, like a mother comforting a child, she regarded me tenderly and said, “Oh, but you can come too if you want."


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