Her Swiss Chalet

We took the train to her town, which was only a few hours ride from Milan; the train stopped just a few blocks from her chalet. I was in heaven; nothing like this had ever happened to me. I wasn’t thinking about a sexual conquest—our relationship had been more a fun thing than a romance. I was moved by the excitement of walking with her up the old stone path to a her picturesque two-story chalet. It was my first time in Switzerland, but it was exactly as I had always imagined it.

And who did we find in the chalet? Not her parents, but her older sister, also a very attractive young lady, who more or less played the role of hostess. The two sisters prepared a very nice meal, which they served in the spacious chandeliered dining room. After dinner, Graziella and I took a stroll down the stone road where we encountered a couple of her acquaintances. Graziella greeted them in passing, saying “Ciao, bebé!” The whole situation was charming


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