Conversion to Christianity

By reading Plato, finally the true meaning of Christianity, which I hadn’t gotten at the time of my baptism, became clear to me. Emotionally I had always felt something had been missing from that baptism, but in the end I found that Plato helped me discover religion on a rational, intellectual basis.

Even though Plato lived several hundred years before Christ, it is no wonder that the Catholic Church took the official position that Socrates, Plato, (and I believe Aristotle) were all Christians. These philosophers had pre-knowledge of the teaching of Christ.

This dogma didn’t require a big stretch of the imagination. Anybody who thought about the position of man on earth and the moral nature of the society of men would come to the inevitable conclusion that religion is postulated on the inherent goodness that exists in all of mankind.

My great religious awakening that came from the reading of Plato finally led to a personal statement of my own philosophy which has guided me ever since—my philosophy of “Goodness Bonds,” which actually came to me in a dream which was the most lifelike and meaningful dream that a person could ever have. This inspired dream is recorded on the following page.


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