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Destroyer squadron, floating around a harbor buoy. It is easy to see that when the destroyers are in formation, lined up four abreast, line-of-sight radio communications could be difficult. In this case, the Commodore would be making split-second tactical radio commands from the right-hand ship DD852 and expecting the Captain of our DD869 on the extreme left to act on his commands at once. Failure to do so got our captain in trouble and changed my whole career.



No attempt was made to put in chronological order my tours of duty in the Navy or my studies at Stanford. My two Navy tours were both on destroyers and both in the South Pacific so they melded together story-wise. The first Navy tour was 1947 to 1950 followed by a term at the University of California at Berkeley studying liberal arts, and a year at Stanford studying liberal arts and business. The second Navy tour was 1951 to 1953 followed by another year at Stanford. After receiving my MBA from Stanford I worked for five years at Hewlett-Packard, returned to Stanford for a year’s study in Graduate Electronics and then in 1960 founded WILTRON Company, where I worked for the next 32 years, interrupted occasionally by a sabbatical in Europe and foreign travels.


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