Sammy Draper

Sammy Draper was one of the smartest men on the ship. Had he gone to college he undoubtedly would have been an officer rather than an enlisted man. He was athletic in build, very nice looking, with black, shiny hair. Although clean shaven, he always looked like he had a five o’clock shadow.

Draper was a super yeoman (executive secretary); he made that ship run. For some reason he decided to absolutely stonewall his part in the disappearance of the admiral’s husky puppies. Day stayed on him and persevered. Finally, to one of Day’s questions, he responded, “Up your giggy with a meat hook, you moron.” That response was the only thing Day had to report to the captain. Captain Schutt was a career officer who always operated by the book. That is the way to make admiral. He knew the Navy regulations by heart. So Captain Schutt told Day that he would back him up if Day brought charges of insubordination against Sammy Draper. What a mistake the captain was making, but he felt he had to do his duty.


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