Six Stunning Hostesses

Greeting us was a stunning Chinese hostess fully poised in an elegant silk evening gown. She introduced herself, led us into the sitting room which was tastefully decorated with mirrors and velvet, even more elegant than the first room.

As we sat drinking some green tea a young girl in evening dress, even more beautiful than the hostess, appeared from a side door. As she moved toward us, her reflection in the mirrors seemed to move in the opposite direction, retracing her delicate steps. Formal introductions followed, and shortly thereafter another graceful entrance, and another, until we were having tea with six gowned Chinese hostesses. In the far corner, a girl dressed in a simple dress softly played a stringed instrument. Pancho said, “Will (his nickname for me), what do you think?” Pancho didn’t push me in any way, but all my reservations had been overcome. I went with Judy—my first experience was with a Chinese girl.

Judy told me her story. Her farming parents from Soochow had contracted with the Green Spot Cafe; she had been chosen mainly for her beauty. The family received $20. Judy, 17, was promised an education in the social graces during a year at the Green Spot Cafe; afterwards, a year at a silk factory in, as I recall, Whangpoo to learn a trade. Then the contract would be over. Judy gently smiled as I used two prophylactics one over the other. I was to wonder, after the next week’s events terminated, what was to happen to the Green Spot Cafe.


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