Professor Court

When I signed up for trigonometry class I heard from a fellow student that my teacher, Professor Court, was one of the seven men in the world who could discuss Einstein’s theory with Einstein. So I was very interested, and a bit awed, as I sat down to my first class. Professor Court bounded into class; he was a short, stubby little fellow with electric white hair swept back just as I envisioned the hair of Einstein himself. Without a wasted word he said, “Today I am going to teach you the entire course, every single concept we will be covering this semester. After today, it will all be just repetition.” Then he proceeded to cover the course in such a beautifully logical manner that the whole idea of trigonometry unfolded into my head. I truly felt I had learned it all. Halfway during the explanation, the professor suddenly grabbed an eraser from the blackboard and sent it hurling toward a student in the third row. He hit his mark, woke up the student, then continued his lecture, hardly losing a second.

That evening at my dormitory, still awed by the lecture, I told my roommate I could teach him all of trigonometry in 40 minutes. I started out, got all confused, and lost the whole thread. After that I appreciated even more Professor Court’s stunning lecture


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