Costa Rica, Menage a Trois

Hugo invited me to stop by Costa Rica to see his setup. And did he ever have a setup! He owned a beautiful two-story, tile roofed, tropical style house on the side of a volcanic mountain, surrounded by all kinds of lovely, tropical fruit-bearing plants. Inside the house were two tropical flowers, Yolanda and Ilyana, inseparable sisters. Their mother lived there too. The mother was also rather attractive. Had Hugo not been so fascinated by the girls, he might have even looked at the mother. But, as it was, it was only a ménage à trois among Hugo and the sisters.

Actually, it was Yolanda—the taller, the more playful, kittenish, and beautiful of the two—that Hugo loved. But for some psychological reason, Yolanda came glued together with Ilyana. Yolanda was an incomplete person without her sister. So Hugo went out with both of them and even spent the nights together.

Like Hugo, I found Yolanda very desirable. On the other hand, Ilyana’s ideas seemed to border on those of a prostitute. I was not well disposed toward her and was not at all hurt when she was not offered to me.


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