When we arrived at the Kit Kat there to greet Hugo was Viviana—a real knockout, blue eyed, honey blond, one of the loveliest and at the same time sexiest girls I had ever seen. Viviana paid no attention to me; she was completely loyal to Hugo. And I remember his mischievous blue eyes and bobbing bald head (that is, when he wasn’t wearing his wig). As he and Viviana danced to the beat of the disco, sheer joy and happiness emanated from the two. Viviana of course had arranged a girl for me; my girl was attractive, a good dancer (that was her job) but certainly no Viviana. As I recall she was quite dark-complexioned. But Hugo was in such heaven that I was swept up in the excitement and enjoyed dancing with my dark-skinned beauty. What a night, I was so happy for Hugo.

Hugo had a very nice wife and they never stopped liking one another a lot, but for all practical purposes their marriage had ended some time ago.
On that very night Hugo proposed marriage to Viviana. Actually, it wasn’t clear whether he was proposing marriage or just a trip to the Caribbean—or both. I’m sure he wanted both at that time. Anyway, the next day they were off to one of Hugo’s idyllic spots in the Caribbean.

The next week I saw Hugo in Palo Alto, California for lunch; there he told me his sad story about Viviana.

The first night on the island she had to reveal that she was a little deformed sexually. Instead of being straight, it had a little twist to it which made certain things rather difficult. She had learned to live with it and hoped Hugo would understand. Hugo, taking his usual analytic approach, looked carefully at it and said, “Why, there is no problem. We’ll get you an operation and fix it right up.”

Viviana was incensed, took the next flight to Paris, and would never see Hugo again. She was such a lovely girl that I was almost as sad as Hugo was.


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