Swimming with the Piranhas

What a spot to anchor! In the middle of the lake was a large island—habitat of our prey, the dangerous crocodiles, and within the island was another little lagoon connected to the main lake by a narrow tree-lined arm of water. Islands with lakes and lakes within islands—typical of the vast Amazon fresh water sea. We anchored in the main lake. The boatswain member of the crew dived in the crystal water. I thought that was a great idea and I dived in too—what a pleasant sensation as I swam around, completely carefree. No one else jumped in; later I discovered that they were afraid, not of the crocodiles (that mostly stay near the shore), but of the piranhas that travel in schools. The boatswain had jumped in to check the anchor and was watching around him very carefully. Anyway, I enjoyed the swim; but, the next day when I saw what piranhas can do, I decided not to take another swim.


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