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Grandfather, along with everybody else, was exposed to a lot of stories and even advertising about the Western Frontier when he was living in Illinois. The Western Frontier at that time included Nebraska, which was very enticing perhaps because of the climate and probably more because of its rich soil and agricultural opportunity. Grandfather decided to settle there. His brother Millard, who was with him at the time, preferred to go north to the Dakotas, or at least to northern Nebraska. Grandfather gave him 20 dollars and they parted company. Many years later that 20-dollar loan was repaid when Millard came to visit Grandfather in Indianola, Nebraska. Millard eventually settled in northern Nebraska, where he worked on a ranch and later married a rancher’s daughter. He subsequently accumulated quite a lot of land. Millard had eight children; they all were still living in Daddy’s time. In 1974 his daughter Gladys still resided on their original family estate in Almeria, in Lupe County, with her husband, Wayne Hyde. Several of her family are known to have visited family back in Delaware.


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