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Brief  Biography, William Jarvis


Proprietor, Jarvis Winery Director, Jarvis Conservatory,  both in Napa, California

The most important thing for William has been all kind of studying. This  has made possible his business careers and the other elements of living he has enjoyed.

Born in Oklahoma, his early experiences pretty well chartered his life=s direction. William gained his initial stimulus from his father, an independent oil man. Being born in the heartland of America, far from water or ocean, William yearned to see other parts of the world. He joined the Navy, and after graduating from Annapolis, spent 4 years at sea, seeing the world. Serving on destroyers as a line officer, he specialized in Electronics and Engineering which career he later followed as a civilian.

After his stint in the Navy, William continued his studies in both technical and liberal arts at UC Berkeley, at Stanford, and at French Universities, where his courses covered such diverse subjects as Greek philosophy, particle physics, music theory, and electronics.

Turning to business, he headed his own telecommunications company, which was involved with international business. Among the 20 countries he frequented, he went most often to France, primarily because he enjoyed what it offered.

After marriage, William and his wife Leticia traveled and studied abroad, finally adopting France for a part time residence. For a number of years they maintained a Louis XIV Chateau in the Vesle Valley near Reims in Northern France. The two spent time at four different French universities studying French literature. They also enjoyed the many wines found in the different regions in which they studied, eventually gravitating in their tastes to the fine Bordeaux reds and Montrachet whites.

Not to neglect their Spanish culture, Leticia, William, and their young son William, spent summer months in Spain. There they studied Spanish literature at Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain, and also came to appreciate Spanish wines and Zarzuela (Spanish opera).

The two eventually acquired a weekend estate in Napa, and bit by bit got into the culture of winemaking. Next came a careful 10 years of nurturing a vineyard from the selection of terroir, the planting of clones, the selection of a canopy - all the matters needed for fine wine - and finally the winery itself, underground for the right cool, humid conditions, and with the latest rotary fermenters but with the classic oak cuves from Cognac. The establishment of the Jarvis winery  was the culmination of William and Leticia Jarvis= ten years of toil and success.

Their other important activity is a music conservatory which the Jarvises built in Napa, California, in a 100-year-old stone winery building. The Conservatory conducts master classes in the various arts that go to make up operas. Their annual opera workshop culminates in an area-wide AFestival of the Zarzuela@ as they bring Spanish opera to the U.S. each spring. The Baroque Dance Workshop follows in the summer, as well as other music and arts offerings.

Both the winery and the conservatory  are part of the Jarvises celebration of the things they enjoy in life.

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